The Restless Waves
















I have a deep affection for this rock, which I’ve been shooting for nearly ten years. In my mind, it is a symbol of Nature’s overwhelming power. It took just a few year for this rock to be literally ripped in two by the restless motion of the waves.

I had not been totally satisfied with the previous morning shooting session, hence my decision of being at the rocky beach at daybreak, for the second day in a row.

The alarm clock rings just before 5:30 AM and as always I curse the very moment I thought I’d go shoot at sunrise, it’s still the beginning of March and I’d settle for staying in my warm bed.

Outside, leaden clouds are bearing down on the sea. As I drive, the drizzle keeps tapping on my car’s windscreen. I get off and quickly move towards the pathway, I still have got a few minutes before sunrise. As I keep descending, I find the path flooded by the recent rainstorms and with some difficulty I make my way through the mud and finally reach the pebbly beach. I quickly set the tripod and filters. The sun stays behind the cumuli at the horizon, it won’t be a spectacular sunrise, but the sea and wind are deploying all their immense force and, what I’m really interested in, today, is capturing such a primordial power. It is something for which it’s worth waking up before sunrise, it’s worth getting stuck in the mud. It’s worth living for.

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