Somewhere. Not Here

My woollen socks and the soles of my hiking boots do not prevent me from feeling my feet freezing, as I stand still in the middle of the frozen lake. Which offers some uncommon perspective on the surroundings.
It’s a multisensory experience.
Fractures propagating inside the thick icy layer induce unearthly moans. Patterns recalling Julia sets branch on the lake’s surface.
It does not matter where. What matters is what I’m experiencing.
Georeferencing photographs is not necessarily a good thing. I sometimes come across professional photographers doing identical photos in places already shot by somebody else, in a nearly identical way. Planning your shooting session is fundamental to nature photography. But excessive planning can inhibit discovery, improvising, serendipity. As for me, I think I’ll try to stay away from expectations when in the field with my camera. Trying to find something even where I won’t expect.

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