Horror Vacui
















The night is flowing, quiet and silent, at the mountain cabin, 2388 metres above sea level. The ascent to Corno Grande, the highest peak in the Appennines, is waiting for us tomorrow. It is quite a challenging hike, yet not presenting any particular difficulties, except when a little distraction lead us away from the main trail, along a talus slope, between the vertical flanks of Corno Piccolo and the basin that hosts what remains of the Calderone glacier. It is after years of mountain hikes that I do find out I suffer from vertigo. Fingers tingling, legs shaking. I give up walking along the crest, up to the summit of Corno Grande, which I eventually reach after turning back to the signed trail.

The peak is packed with people, making it difficult to enjoy the view. What really matters, yet, is having made it there, after having explored my own limits. Something that human nature has always driven us to.

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